Roaming cheaper for 20%

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Roaming services in the region are as of today on average 20 percent cheaper, as a consequence of international agreement by Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.

This document, which was signed in 2014 by ministers of the four countries of the region, reduces the price of outgoing calls in roaming from 0.29 to 0.24 cents, and the price of incoming calls from eight to seven cents. SMS messages are now six cents instead of nine, and biggest savings are made at data usage where the price has gone from 0.7 euros/MB to 0.45 euros/MB.

“Agency for electronic communication and postal services delivered the decision to mobile operators yesterday, which they have to start applying as of today”, it was said to Dnevne newspaper by director of the Agency Zoran Sekulic.

Application of the agreement was opposed by Telekom and Telenor last year stating that Montenegrin administration hasn’t adopted the international agreement.

He expects for changes and ammendments of the Law for electronic communications to be adopted during July.

New reduction of prices of roaming will happen on 30th of June next year, when the prices of roaming services in the region will adjust to the level prescribed by the directive of the European Union.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro