Romania ratified the protocol; Pajovic: Confirmation that Montenegro is going in the right direction

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Romanian Senate unanimously ratified Montenegro’s NATO accession protocol on Tuesday. Speaker of Parliament Darko Pajovic said that NATO membership is a confirmation that Montenegro is moving in the right direction and it has launched comprehensive social reforms.

In his explanation of the ratification proposal, Romanian Senate Deputy Speaker pointed out that Montenegro deserved support from NATO family, because it passed through the democratisation and reform processes, which was not easy.

“Montenegro has realised that NATO is a good partner to support peace maintaining in the Euro-Atlantic area and beyond. I am sure that the elections will confirm the democratic level and that the Montenegrin society will use the opportunity to become an important NATO member. In this sense, parliaments played an important role and I expect that intensive cooperation will be continued both on parliamentary and government levels”, the Romanian Senate Deputy Speaker said among other things.

Senator Titus Corlăţean, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, confirmed the excellent bilateral relations and the strong support that Romania provides to Montenegro through the protocol ratification. The senator congratulated Montenegro on the strong political will to join the Euro-Atlantic family.

Pajovic thanked for the fact that Montenegro’s NATO Accession Protocol was put high on the Romanian parliament priority list despite its busy agenda.

“Support from the neighbouring countries represents an important proof of progress in the integration. Membership in NATO is a historic, cultural and civilising step forward for Montenegro, because it confirms firm Montenegro’s commitment to belong to the values system that countries gathered in the Euro-Atlantic community and the European Union have. Therefore, NATO membership confirms that the country is moving in the right direction and that it launched comprehensive social reforms implementation, particularly in the field of rule of law and institution building”, the Speaker concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro