Romy Hawatt: We are planning to buy a hotel, Montenegro ideal for investments

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After several millions invested in Montenegro, entrepreneur Romy Hawatt is planning more investments. As he said to Weekend Edition Dnevne Novine daily, our state is ideal for investments, and he presents it as such to fellow entrepreneurs.

VN: You own the agency “Discover Montenegro”, restaurant “Byblos” and a charter ship, and you are planning new investments. What was the reason behind investing in Montenegro?

Hawatt: There were a few key moments. I see an opportunity everywhere, but chances of success are smaller in bigger and more developed countries. The catch is in future-oriented thinking, realistic estimates and understanding momentary, short-term and long-term demands of the market in the industries that interest you. Then you decide. I see new possibilities in developing destinations, real-estate and aviation.

VN: Would you recommend our states to other investors?

Hawatt: Montenegro and Balkans are still undiscovered areas open for new ideas, innovations and solutions. My message is clear: come, see the potential, and many recognized investors will see what I mean. I have a presence in Middle East and I work hard at presenting this area there. I want to connect them to Montenegro. Arabic world has started showing interest in this part of Europe, both as investors and tourists, and we want to open as many opportunities for this as possible.

VN: Are you pleased with your business in Montenegro?

Hawatt: Montenegro is a country that is slowly but surely maturing. Growing number of tourists and local populace demand variety. This is how you open space for new experiences. We wanted to be the first ones to open an agency that works in developing a destination and offers exploration of Montenegro. Additionally, experience of discovering Lebanese cuisine was great. Montenegro attracts wide demographical groups of tourists. We aim to please everyone.

VN: You are recognized as an investor that hires local populace. Will you continue with this practice?

Hawatt: Our company policy is to train and hire locals for most positions in our business. We also use experience and expertise of foreign employes, were needed. We hire pilots from Italy, UK and Serbia. In Byblos restaurant our chef is from Lebanon.

VN: You are interested in buying a hotel in Tivat. What are your next plans regarding investments?

Hawatt: My group takes care of sustainability of real-estate investments. We are looking for a good opportunity to invest in a hotel.

VN: What is your comment on Government’s decision to cancel visas for UAE?

Hawatt: This is very good news both for tourism and investment in Montenegro and the region. Arabic visitors and investors will continue to play a bigger part in development of Balkans. I feel this region. It is still in making, and opportunities for growth and expansion are big. Support and cooperation with the Government are key. Everyone is ready to help and support investors, were possible.

VN: You were a mediator in selling Porto Montenegro. What is your comment on this investment?

Hawatt: You have good cooperation with Porto Montenegro and its new owners. I am proud that I could present this opportunity to Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, from Investment Corporation Dubai (ICD). After 9 months of negotiations, due diligence process was finalized with selling this beautiful and prestigious project, that was started by Peter Monk. It could not have been better, and I am very happy with that deal.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro