RTCG to be protected against political pressure

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The leadership of the Radio Television of Montenegro (RTCG) and its governing bodies must be protected against inappropriate influence and political pressure, it was assessed in the European Commission Working Paper on the current situation in Chapters 23 and 24.

In the part of the document dealing with Fundamental Rights – Freedom of Expression, it is stated that, “despite the positive events in the Public Service of the RTCG (Radio and Television of Montenegro), the standards on editorial independence and professionalism need to be further improved.”

“The leadership of RTCG and its governing bodies must be protected from inappropriate influence and political pressure,” the document says.

Namely, the document states that the implementation of action plans for Chapters 23 and 24 over the past four years has led to significant progress in the area oflegislative reform and institutional strengthening.

“Only initial results have been achieved in the area of combating high-level corruption, as well as part of some forms of organized crime. Reforms are good in the field of migration and asylum, and border management capacities are strengthened,” the EC Working Paper states.

In the area offreedom of expression, as it has been announced, there is still limited progress in resolving violence against journalists and the media, especially in resolving old pending cases.

It is reported that the Commission for Monitoring of Media Violence cases, which was re-established in September 2016, continues to face difficulties in obtaining unrestricted access to case files and prolonging the security clearance of its members.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro