Rudovic: SNP is selfish; we will propose our candidate for the minister of agriculture

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Request of the Socialist People’s Party (SNP) to enter the government of electoral trust only if it gets two ministerial posts is unacceptable for URA Civic Movement. The member of the URA Coordination Committee Nedjeljko Rudovic told CdM news portal that SNP’s ultimatum was causing a deep distrust, adding that part of the opposition who signed the agreement on free and fair elections would propose a candidate for the minister of agriculture and rural development within a reasonable time.

After the meeting of the SNP main board, its president Srdjan Milic said that the party would sign the agreement on free and fair elections and enter the government of electoral trust along with the Demos, Social Democratic Party (SDP) and URA, only if its candidates Radivoje Rasovic and Veselin Bakic are appointed as the ministers of agriculture and finance.

Rudovic said that the SNP’s move caused surprise and raised the question why the party had refused to sign the agreement with everyone else on 26 April, but was willing to do it today or tomorrow when electing the government of electoral trust is on the Parliament’s agenda.

“This causes doubts that there are parties in the opposition the priority of which is getting posts in the government and not controlling elections or preventing election fraud”, Rudovic said.

He did not want to speculate about possibility that SNP has been under a certain pressure to make such a move, but he expressed a great dissatisfaction with the behaviour of the leader Srdjan Milic.

He also announced that the opposition’s list of candidates for positions in the government of electoral trust would be sent to PM Milo Djukanovic and that they would have their own candidate for the minister of agriculture. Rudovic also noted that the list was not necessary to be competed in order for the Parliament’s session to be held.

“SNP’s ultimatum is unacceptable and causes a deep distrust. We hope it is clear that URA and its partners in the opposition, first of all Demos, do not want to grab positions in the government, but they also do not accept this kind of behaviour that shows extreme selfishness and indicates that SNP does not want to enter the government of electoral trust in order to control elections and prevent electoral fraud, but to take posts for themselves. This is quite contrary to the essence of the agreement”, Rudovic said.

As he said, although the agriculture department has been left for SNP, the opposition had in mind appropriate candidates for that post.

“We have yet to make an agreement with these people. We have not been able to talk to them about this issue, since the post has been provided for SNP”, explained Rudovic.

He reiterated URA’s view that the four that the four opposition parties should have one minister each in the new government and that the deputy prime minister should be a non-party figure.

“The posts of the minister of agriculture and two assistant ministers for education and healthcare were left for SNP. The party was offered to hold a quarter of the seats in the state apparatus and state-owned companies and we were ready for all concessions although SNP did not participate in creating the agreement”, Rudovic reminded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro