Rudović: The Agreement broken, we will suggest leaving the Government

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Last night, the Parliament passed the suggestion to accept the shareholders contract between state of Montenegro and A2A. GP URA will most likely start the procedure to leave the Government of electoral trust.

Neđeljko Rudović from GP URA spoke to Antena M saying that the worst happened, and state interests have been compromised.

“We think that the Agreement has been broken. We will ask for a session of Central Committee, as this is the only party structure that can reach the final decision. We will suggest that we leave the Government, and this is certain. Central Committee will meet next week”, Rudović said.

When asked whether they will consult other opposition parties in the Government, Demos and SDP, Rudović said that the consultations are ongoing.

“They will probably continue over the weekend, but our decision will not depend on their attitudes”, he said.

DPS needs to take full responsibility for what is to follow.

“You can not break the Agreement and ignore its articles, and then inspire responsibility in others. DPS is the only one to take on this responsibility”, Rudović said.

Minister of Interior Affairs Goran Danilović from Demos said to TVCG that they will know soon if the Government will go on, and if it does not, they have a plan in place.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro