Rudovic: We will respect the decision of Demos and SDP, whatever it may be

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Member of coordination board of Civic movement URA Nedjeljko Rudovic said that URA will respect the decision of Demos and SDP whatever it may be. He emphasized that they’re hoping for the decision which will be in the best interest of Montenegro, and that is, as he said, a capable and responsible government.

„Civic movement URA, along with its partners from Demos and SDP made an Agreement with the government in order to reduce the scale of electoral theft, but not to be the shield for implementation of politics of a handful of decision makers in DPS, said Rudovic for Pobjeda.

URA decided last week to leave the government of electoral trust, and said that that they will wait for the reaction of their colleagues from Demos and SDP.

„If we agree to not respecting the Agreement, we would lose a lot more than we would gain until the elections. We would lose the credibility of the civic opposition, and this is precisely what DPS wants. Everyone knows that DPS remained in power for so long due to lack of civic alternative in the opposition. Such alternative exists now and we cannot allow them to destroy it”, said Rudovic.

„The way we see it, this should be a wide civic coalition which gathers political subjects that share values of civic, European country of Montenegro. From our beginnings we are for this arrangement and we’re doing everything we can for it to realize because we’re sure this is the right way for changing the power structures and the beginning of solving the crisis that DPS has led Montenegro into”, he added.

If the coalition of civic parties that definitely don’t want any deals with DPS, Rudovic is convinced that “all machinations and buying votes cannot save DPS of losing the majority support and that no-one of their traditional or new satellites will be abe to help them”.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro