Russia bans meat imports from Montenegro

The Russian agricultural watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor has banned the imports of meat products from Montenegro over suspected attempts to smuggle products from the EU, assistant to the Rosselkhoznadzor head Alexey Alexeyenko said on Tuesday, TASS reported.

“Illegal re-exports of meat products from European Union countries are the main cause for the ban,” he said. “Meat product deliveries from Montenegro have risen significantly lately, in volumes which the country could not produce by itself,” the assistant to the Rosselkhoznadzor head said.

Montenegro mainly supplied pork and pork products to Russia.

It seems for US Corporation and EU-Lackeys that Russia is not the slave they thought it to be and wanted it to handover its resources to the greedy Israel/UK/US bunch.

This is Russian’s Reaction. Quite logical and the way Russia is thinking, pragmatic.
The European economy is sliding more and more direction drain.

Well done, EU!
What is the next pestering action for Russia and the rest of Europe, EU?
If this keeps going on we can expect decisive reactions from Russia. The winter is coming, Peoples of Europe.

Remember, when our splendid and responsible EU politicians keep mangling with Russia, EU took precautions that their officies of the EU in Brussels are kept warm and cosey in the winter to come.
How about our home when Russia is fed up with EU?

May peace prevail for all of us.

Hahaha, if Russia continues down her current path, in a few more years she will easily achieve the status of being classified as a third world country! Keep up the good work Russia, the hole you dig gets deeper & deeper!

Source: InSerbia News (Montenegro)