Russia more important to some than EU

Criticism of the opposition leaders regarding positive messages from Brussels concerning integration of Montenegro are reckless and potentially detrimental to their parties, particularly to those He believes that it is up to our European-oriented politicians to strengthen the partnership with European officials.

“The EU is the largest accelerator of democratization of Montenegro. Therefore, it is expected that domestic actors point where we can improve the process of accession, but without criticism of the EU officials, because it just closes doors and erodes positions”, said Vujovic.

He reminded that most of the opposition, but also the DPS, was anti-European orientated.

“DPS was pushed to the West and EU by its conflict with Milosevic, and ‘pro-Serb opposition’ by fall of Milosevic. DPS, despite occasional resistance, stuck to the proclaimed Europeanization, aware that there is no alternative to integration that would not endanger their survival in power.”

“The failure at the referendum and program wandering directed some ‘pro-Serb parties’ to increasingly adopt European values. The creation of new parties (PZP, Positive, URA) as well as a strong positioning of formerly pro-Milosevic SNP and DF to European integration, has made the political scene relatively homogeneous in this respect. But when faced with the need to chose the interests of Russia and the EU, some prefer Russia”, Vujovic said.

Vujovic believes that “it is politically expected for the EU to encourage NATO that Montenegro is ready for the invitation.”

Izvor: RTV Montenegro