“Russia wants to destabilize the Western Balkans by misinformation”

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State authorities successfully responded to foreign attempts to hinder the Euro-Atlantic path of Montenegro at last year’s parliamentary elections, and at that moment the support of the allies was of crucial importance, said Defense Minister Predrag Boskovic at the Winter Security Workshop in Podgorica.

President of the Atlantic Alliance, Savo Kentera, said that Russia tries to destabilize the Western Balkans and undermine democratic efforts and progress of the countries of the region by misinformation.

“The development of information and communication technologies has significantly changed the nature of today’s conflicts, and information, as a resource of strategic importance, has become the main means of modern warfare, Boskovic said.

He pointed out that the cyber field is recognized as the most sensitive link in the security system, and that cyber threats and hybrid warfare are among the challenges that are very difficult to predict.

Boskovic said that the abuse of the media, the Internet and social networks, as well as the placement of misinformation, are the means for achieving political and military superiority in the international security environment.

“Therefore, all international participants, allies, partners, governmental and non-governmental sector must show a high level of readiness and flexibility in order to be able to respond effectively to modern information and communication trends in order to provide a common solution in providing adequate response to potential threats,” said the Minister of Defense, stressing that it is one of the important preconditions for successful defense and a comprehensive approach to strategic communication.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro