Russia worried: Duma seeking abortion of the Protocol ratification

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Members of State Duma are seriously concerned about politics of indention of Montenegro in NATO, which is causing divisions in Montenegrin society and creating a high level of social and political tension in the country, it is stated in the addressing of the Russian Duma to parliament members of Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia, as well as parliaments of the member countries of NATO and OSCE.

“With the goal of preventing further development of the most unfavorable scenario in Montenegro, members of State Duma are sending a heartful appeal to parliament members of NATO countries to become aware of the cosequences for European security in case of ratification of the Protocol for accession of Montenegro to NATO and to support the demands of the biggest opposition parties in Montenegro for a people’s referendum which will leave it up to citizens of this country to freely choose their future”, it was stated in the announcement which Pobjeda had insight into.

Besides this, in the announcement is stated that an immediate dialogue should be started within bilateral parliamentary contacts in the parliament of OSCE regarding the deployment of American systems of antimissile defense on territories of the countries of Eastern Europe and politics of expansion of NATO in Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

“Members of State Duma are expressing deep concern regarding the deployment in Europe, specifically in Poland and Romania, of American systems of antimissile defense, which, being the systems of multiple use – both civil and military, could be used for offensive purposes against Russian Federation during an eventual sudden global attack”, it was stated among many things in the announcement.

It is interesting that Duma supported the idea of forming a Balkan union of neutral countries, which is supported in Montenegro by Democratic Front.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro