Russian behaviour unnacceptable



Russia’s behavior in the region and in the world, is not acceptable in this time and it requires our common reactions, was Senator John McCain’s message.

He had talsk with the Minister of Defense, Predrag Boskovic, today in Podgorica, and in his adress to the Montenegrin public he said that he was looking forward that in the future Montenegro would go to Washington as a new member of NATO.

“I congratulate the people of Montenegro who, together with their leaders, decided to be in NATO. When you see all the turmoil that is going on, then you know that NATO is the right path,” said McCain.

Speaking on the impact of official Moscow, McCain said that the Russians are trying to “undermine the democratic process in a number of countries.”

“They tried to influence the electoral process in the United States and failed. I visited the bridge where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, and we know what happened later. I’m not saying that this can happen, but I underline that it is important to cooperate,” said McCain.

Minister Boskovic said that Senator McCain personally contributed to the fast procedure of Montenegrin path to NATO. Boskovic said that McCain talked about plans for the future, collective security, and participation of Montenegrin forces in missions.

The topic of discussion was the interference of foreign factors, as well as developments in Montenegro during the elections day, 16 October, as well as what Montenegro and the region face today.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro