Russian mentor dreams of a new operation in Montenegro

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Sergey Zelezniak, the deputy secretary general of the United Russia Council and a member of the Duma’s International Affairs Committee, is still heating up the illusion about the political perspective of his favourites in Montenegro – the Democratic Front (DF). Additionally, he announces the “preparation of new operations” in Montenegro aimed at “removing a threat to life and health of tens of thousands of Montenegrins”, Dnevne Novine newspaper wrote.

According to DN, in an interview to Ruska Reč (Russian Word) Zelezniak literally says:

“It is absolutely clear that the forces, which used to be in power in Podgorica, in an attempt to stay in power at all costs, decided to stage a so-called coup during the elections. Opposition leaders, activists and employees of the judicial authorities have become hostages of this provocation. There is no doubt that the violent escalation of this dangerous idea posed a real threat to life and health of tens of thousands of voters, the citizens of Montenegro… Similar attempts to discredit Russia and Serbia, as well as imposing conditions majority of the Montenegrin population opposes to, should be understood as dangerous political adventure. Given that similar phenomena are getting an international character and that third countries are being involved in them, it would be practical to prepare future operations along with the responsible political forces in Montenegro, Serbia and other Balkan countries, in order to prevent such a dangerous practice in the future.”

DN pointed out that it was rude and utterly undiplomatic for an official of the prominent Russian party and the state institution to directly interfere with other country’s internal affairs. However, Zelezniak goes a step further and announce a preparation of a new operation.

But it is not surprising, because this is the same Zelezniak who was DF’s mentor all the time and who orchestrated and probably sponsored DF’s campaign in Montenegro, starting from the protests at the end of last year, to the advice in the finish of the election campaign. Dnevne Novine reminds readers of the letter he sent at the end of September, when faced with the opinion poll results indicating DF’s weak political rating. Then Zelezniak openly suggested that Mandic and his coalition partners reconcile with Lekic and others. A few days later, DF urgently offered the Key coalition and the Democrats a post-election agreement.

Therefore, Zelezniak’s story of “staging” a coup by Montenegrin authorities is not convincing. As DN points out, the key thesis of what was planned was not presented by PM or ministers, but by the special prosecutor… Zelezniak is currently trying to undermine the work of the competent authorities, probably to prevent revealing masterminds and accomplices.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro