Russian policy backing the protest

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Deputy Prime Minister Dusko Markovic has rejected claims that any foreign Embassy in Montenegro issued orders how some state authorities should act. He stressed that he did not say that officials from Moscow were involved in any way in DF protest.

During his speech in the Parliament Markovic added that Montenegro has the political strenghts and institutional capacity to make decisions.

“I did not say that officials from Moscow are involved, but that there is support from Russia which is proven by the statement from the part of the Russian state media as well as politicians. It confirms that Russian policy was on the side of the organizers of the protest,” Markovic said.

DF MP, Milan Knezevic, repeated accusations that the US Ambassador in Podgorica, Margaret Ann Uehara ordered breaking up of protest in Podgorica on October 17.

“I said the following – we ask that military neutrality of Montenegro is guaranteed by Russia and NATO,” Knezevic said.

Deputy Prime Minister, Markovic, said he is not familiar with the video of the alleged beating of Knezevic, during the breaking up of protest on 17 October 2015.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro