Russian security services wish to see a change of policy in Montenegro

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The fact that Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic was talking about organised surveillance of Montenegrin Prime Minster Milo Djukanovic, seized money and equipment indicates that there is a broader set of activities related to political events in the Balkans. We are talking about organised activities with certain political ideas and serving the purposes of foreign structures, military analyst from Belgrade Aleksandar Radic told Pobjeda newspaper.

Based on the elements that are known to the public so far, Radic says that we can assume that the “Western services disturb Serbian government”, and that the Eastern services are “behind very serious activities in the Balkans, which, according to them, should influence the changes in the political developments in the region, at this moment in Montenegro”.

“When I talk about the East, of course, I think of Russia. Technically, the activities of Russia in the Balkans are being associated rather to the region than to certain territories. Russian activities include the whole of the Western Balkans and in a political context it is irrelevant where people are being recruited to take certain operations. If there is a basis for a political game in Montenegro, and indeed there are very dramatic divisions on the foreign policy issues – whether to go towards the West or Russia, then they recruit people who would be potentially useful for the operation against the Montenegrin government. These are the people from the group that supports the East and opposes NATO membership”, Radic said.

Commenting on the fact that Vucic announced that a senior official of the Serbian criminal police was revealing confidential information to foreign agencies, Radic said that the man worked with American intelligence service.

“Here in the media focused on western espionage. Organising surveillance over Milo Djukanovic is more serious operation. That one person from the police is a trivial matter. Here we’re talking about organised activities of a foreign service that Vucic did not name, but he talked about the eastern and western services operating in our territory”, he says.

Radic believes that the former commander of Serbian Gendarmerie Bratislav Dikic and a group of people who are suspected of attempted attack on election day in Montenegro, are only one of the activities in a larger project.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro