Russians assured: No announced military activities in Montenegro

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Inspection team of Russia for control of artillery spent time in Montenegro from July 4th to 7th, in order to make a regular inspection of a specific area in accordance with the Vienna Document of 2011. Inspection team was assured in the accuracy of exchange military intelligence, and that there are no announced military activities in our country, meaning that Montenegro fully respects the Vienna Document of 2011.

Team from Russia visited infantry battalion, logistics battalion, center for training and aviation of Montenegro’s military within a specific area.

OSCE members will receive a detailed report from the Inspection team, in accordance with all procedures.

It is a regular activity performed in 57 countries members of OSCE with a goal of trust-building and safety in Europe.

“As with other members of OSCE, Montenegro also has an obligation to accept up to three such inspections in a calendar year. Since 2006, 25 members of OSCE have made such a control in our country. Among them was Russia”, they said in the Ministry.

This is the third inspection control in Montenegro by the Vienna Document of 2011 (Slovenia and Portugal made the first inspections).

Montenegro also performs such activities in other member countries of OSCE. Since 2006, a team from Montenegro made inspections in over 10 countries.

The point of the Vienna Document of 2011 is trust-building and safety among members of OSCE, which entails many measures and activities, such as intelligence exchange, defense planning, verification activities and other.

Inspection of specific area is one of the segments of verification activities, with a goal of verifying intelligence and array of military activities such as exercises, locations, artillery and equipment.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro