Russians can spend up to 90 days in Montenegro without visa

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The decree on visa regime, which was adopted by the government on today’s session, citizens of Russia can cross Montenegrin territory and spend time on it up to 90 days, with a valid travel document and without visa.

The government adopted the decree having in mind the need to consolidate Montenegrin visa policies with EU regulations and implementation of Sengen action plan, as well as the obligation of fulfilling temporary measures from chapter 24.

In accordance with vsa policies of EU, The decree defines certain visa breaks that enable them to cross and spend time on territory of Montenegro up to 90 days, with a valid passport and no visa.

“Also, having in mind the development of bilateral relations between Montenegro and Russia, based on the friendship principles, understanding and cooperation, particulalry intensified through investments and a number of Russian citizens in Montenegro, the Decree defines that citizens of Russian Federation can cross territory of Montenegro and spend time on it up to 90 days without visa, with only a vaid passport”, it was announced after the session of the gvernment which was presided by prime minister Milo Djukanovic.

With the goal of rationalization and improvement of the public administration, the government also defined the proposal of the amendment law of the Law of central register of the population.

The proposed changes define transfer of jurisdiction on administration of the Central register of population from Ministry of information technologies and telecommunications to Ministry of internal affairs.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro