Russia’s blaming charges are unfounded

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The official Kremlin considers as unfounded the new report of the Democrats in the Senate, the upper house of the American Parliament, which talks about the spreading of the Russian interference in the US and Europe.

Montenegro should be cautious since Moscow’s pressure and influence can continue after full membership in NATO, according to a session that was prepared by senators from the Democrats for the Senate of the United States, announced by Senator Ben Cardin.

Spokesperson of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, said that “allegations of alleged interference directed at Russia are completely unfounded.”

In a telephone conversation with journalists, Peskov said today that “paranoid concerns” about alleged Russian interference “not only damage bilateral relations, but also the United States themselves.”

The report was published by the top ranking Democrat in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Ben Cardin, who said that, while US President Donald Tramp does nothing at international level, Russian President Vladimir Putin “continues to advance his asymmetric arsenal and seeks further potential for disturbing the governments and undermine the support to the democratic and international institutions that the United States and Europe have built over the last 70 years.”

Source: Radio Television Montenegro