Rutovic: Of course we’ll appeal the verdict in CKB case

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Special public prosecution will file a complaint on the first degree verdict by which former managers of Montenegrin commercial bank (CKB) Milka Ljumovic, Bosa Tatar, Jelica Petricevic, Dubravka Pavicevic, Velisa Radunovic and Gorica Vujisic were released from charges of abusing their position to approve loans to companies without any guarantees, by which they caused a 6.92 million euros damage to OTP bank.

“Of course we’ll appeal the decision of the court and we’ll do it as soon as we receive written notification of the verdict” said special prosecutor in this case Velisa Rutovic to Dnevne newspaper.

A case known as “CKB affair” was formed under the accusation of the supreme public prosecutor, or Specialized department for organized crme, corruption, terrorism and war crimes. Special prosecutor Djurdjina Nina Ivanovic said earlier that the case was opened after a comprehensive prosecution investigation which lasted for fifteen months.

In the case the managers are accused that between 2005 and 2007 “by abusing their positions and authorization in terms of managing the property of CKB they approved loans and gave guarantees to following companies: Dafin Luksemburg, Cattaro investment Luksemburg, Acapulco Podgorica, Niksentrade Cavor Kotor, Holder broker diler and Ocean Gold, without any guarantees or securities for returning the loan.

In explanation of the verdict the judge of the specialized department of the Higher court in Podgorica Ana Vukovic said that all of the accused had positions with responsibilities in the bank, and that there were mistakes in decision making and approving the loans and signing contracts, but that there aren’t elements of criminal act in their actions. Vukovic also said that prosecutors didn’t provide evidence that the accused had a deal to provide illegal gains to these clients, nor that they had intentions to do it individually, meaning that there aren’t “subjective elements” of criminal act of abusing the official position.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro