Sabovic: Either altogether, or SDP on its own

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I believe that Socialdemocratic party SDP should come out on October’s elections as a part of the wide opposition coalition that could defeat Democratic party of socialists DPS. If such a coalition doesn’t happen, SDP should compete on its own at the elections, said the chief of parliament members of SDP Dzavid Sabovic.

He emphasized that the decision on the module of competing at the election should be made as soon a possible, having in mind the campaign and the time of the elections.

„I wouldn’t specify who should be part of this coalition, but I think it is very important that this alliance is made of all the sides that want changes in Montenegro. It is definitely time for these changes. We have a big chance in October and we have to prove that we’re up to it. I want everyone to be clear – Dzavid is for coalition, but only if it’s the widest opposition block, which can defeat DPS. All other options, in my opinion, are not something SDP should agree to and that would mean we should go out alone”, said Sabovic for Dan.

As he emphsaized, general board of the Socialdemocratic party should discuss some very important issues at the next meeting. Sabovic said that SDP needs to decide about its involvement in the government of electoral trust, in which they entered along with URA and Demos a few months ago.

Chief of parliament club of SDP thinks that DPS is ready to steal the elections one more tie, and because of that everyone should very carefully examine what to do if it happens in October. He pointed out that the issue of regularity of elections was raised by European Union too.

Elections for parliament members in Montenegro will be held on 16th of October.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro