Sabovic: SDP to go independently

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Social Democratic Party (SDP) MP Dzavid Šabovic announced that he favors autonomous participation at autumn local elections, saying it could be an introduction to the fall of the regime of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS).

Sabovic told for the newspaper Dan that the opposition must continue the boycott of the state parliament, as it was the only way to come up with a concrete solution to get out of the political crisis in Montenegro.

He stands for independent participation at the upcoming elections, but points out that the decision is on municipal boards and the party leadership.

“It could seem as a dissipation of votes, but I believe that it is an opportunity for everyone to measure up, to see where we stand. That’s my opinion, but we’ll see what the opposition boards and party leadership will say,” Sabovic said.

He added that the opposition at the state level is doing the only possible thing, and that is boycott of the Montenegrin Assembly.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro