Safety and security guarantee economic prosperity

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The fourth animation about the economic benefits of membership in NATO will be published tomorrow on Facebook, Twitter and interent page Sigurna buducnost (Safe Future). The animation is aimed at making the answers to frequently asked questions about the process of Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro closer to younger population.

“After animation which provide answers to the questions on the compatibility of the process of European and Euro-Atlantic integration with the emphasis on the rule of law, the price of membership, building military bases and participation in military missions, the latest in a series of animation provides an answer to the question of economic benefits of the membership, explaining that, among others, in the sphere of high technology and cyber space even a small companies, if they are well organised and with good knowledge, may have considerable benefits as participants in large-scale projects”, the NATO Membership Council’s Communication Team stated.

This last animation explains that long-term stability and security guaranteed by NATO create preconditions for increasing foreign direct investment, and thus the possibility for job creation and general prosperity of the economy.

“With membership in NATO, Montenegro will become part of a large market where the volume of work is estimated at about $700bn a year. The main areas in which Montenegro can have opportunities in are tourism, agriculture and construction and service industries”, it was said in the fourth and last in a series of animation on the theme of Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro in the series prepared by the communications team.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro