Sahat Kula to become a sightseeing hotspot

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One of the symbols of Podgorica, the old Clock Tower, will soon be getting a facelift, although the precise starting date of construction work remains unknown. Available information says renovation of both the small square surrounding it and Sahat Kula itself will be more precisely defined and announced sometime this week.

Head of the Bureau for Economic Co-operation and support of the business community of the Capital City, Vladimir Rajičić, explained visitors will be able to climb to the top of the tower, which offers one of the most beautiful views of virtually the entire city and its surroundings.

“The interior of the Clock Tower will, for the first time, be open for visitors and we hope that this will make it a special tourist attraction. Sahat Kula boasts a very interesting interior for an old building, built in the 17th century, so there’s no doubt that it will attract the attention of tourists and guests of the capital, but also residents of Podgorica themselves”, said Rajicic.

He also announced that the small plaza will be landscaped with fresh green areas, most probably with booths for artisans to sell their handicrafts.

Mr. Rajicic added this would be a unique incentive and opportunity for small entrepreneurs and artisans to present themselves to the public.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro