SAJ negotiating with Dragicevic


Members of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit (SAJ) in Pljevlja negotiate with Goran Dragicevic, who is suspected that he killed his ex-wife Slobodanka Rakocevic and her partner Rados Terzic two nights ago.

As correspondent of Radio Montenegro reports, police action takes place in the suburb Guke.

Recall, two days ago was a suspected Goran Dragicevic from Pljevlja, fired the fatal shots at his ex-wife Slobodanka Rakocevic, and then to her common-law husband Rados Terzic, director of the Center for sport and recreation.

Terzic was the director of the Centre for Sport and Recreation, while Slobodanka Dragicevic worked in the office T-com in Pljevlja. She divorced Dragicevic ten years ago.

According to the media late Rados Terzic was leaving the stadium around 21 hours. When he tried to get into his car a killer attacked him verbally , which took place in front of several witnesses. The late Terzic managed to call the police and report the attack, but immediately afterwards he was killed.

Immediately after the murder, Dragicevic went to the village Varos, where he killed Slobodanka in her flat in front of the children.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro