Salaries on time, minimal delay possible

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Deputy Prime Minister for Economic policy Vujica Lazovic said that there is no reason to panic over the proposed revised budget and that he believed that there will be no delays in the payment of social benefits and wages in the state sector.

If there was to be a delay, he stated that it would be minimal.

“The Parliament will consider rebalancing at its first session. We’ll make sure this does not happen. So, again, if delays do occur it can only be a few days delay,” said Lazovic to Antena M Portal.

He also responded to the calls of the Finance Minister Rasko Konjevic who claims that the budget was not planned in a proper manner and that he talks about revision for several months.

“For the first time in the history of executive authorities of Montenegro the obligation was suggested by the Deputy Prime Minister and not the Minister of Finance. He just does not want to deal with unpopular measures. This way we did that, we asked for a rebalancing of something that is not projected by the Government. The expenditure for social benefits was designed by the Parliament and these experts, to whom SDP belongs too, predicted budgetary cost of five million euros. And it’s going to be about 75 million,” said Lazovic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro