Šarančić: Milic is responsible for SNP’s splitting

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Deputy of the Socialist People’s Party (SNP), Danko Šarančić, now opponent of party leader Srdjan Milic, says many important party members believe SNP should have done more in the past, using precise objectives and a strategy on how to reach goals.

Mr. Šarančić blames president Milic for the previous two breakups in the party.

“The responsibility of President Milic is, for me, indisputable when it comes to the two former splits in the party, when it comes to the fact that we now have only six MPs, that our party is not clearly profiled and positioned on many issues, such as DF protests and boycott of Parliament, participation in the newly formed government, agreements and initiatives. We are without a clear and unified message to voters. The identity of the party is challenged and these trends have to stop. Urgently, for the good of the party, and for thousands of sincere members who, as somebody said, have been volunteering for decades, following our path, our program and our ideas. We need to discuss these things within the party, ASAP”, Šarančić said in an interview with Dnevne Novine daily.

He added all members of the SNP, both satisfied and unhappy, must find a common way to strengthen the party and give it a new impetus before the October elections.

“Being dissatisfied does not mean demolishing your own home, but no one in the party has the right to put down those who think SNP can be better and do more, or those who point to the responsibility of someone, even if that person was the president. This is not the way to lead a serious, democratic political organization, such as the SNP. No one should be above the party, or more important than the party.. We are pointing out some things now, while there’s still time to change them, because it might be too late after the elections”, the SNP deputy said.

He added no true SNP member should be worried even if there were changes in the party, because they are desperately needed.

“It’s not worth losing a battle and your army, and saving only the generals, no matter how hardworking and smart they are”, concluded Šarančić.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro