Savnik cut off, 30 people taken care of

The situation in Savnik is difficult, roads are blocked with snow, city is inaccessible, said Mayor Mijomir Vujacic for the portal RTCG.

“The situation is difficult, all routes are closed, yesterday we managed to accommodate 30 people in the fire department, it is warm in there and they have hot food,” said Vujacic.

He states that the Crnagoraput announced that the snow blowers should head towards Savnik in two hours. He explains that a strong snowstorm complicates any cleaning. All local roads are blocked too.

The storm is somewhat weaker today, but a strong wind causes problems. Vujacic said that only the center of Šavnik has electricity, and all the villages are cut off and in the dark.

Because of the snowstorm and large snow drifts, the police does not allow passenger cars to move towards Savnik.

Slijepac most- Tomasevo road opened

The traffic on the Slijepač most – Tomasevo regional road was established for passenger cars, reported the Automobile Association.

They reminded that due to yesterday’s intense rainfall and unfavorable weather conditions traffic has been disrupted on a number of sections.

Traffic has been stopped for all categories of vehicles on the roads Mojkovac- Djurdjevica Tara, Niksic-Savnik-Zabljak, Pluzine-Scepan polje and Rozaje- Kula-Pec.

The Lipci-Grahovo road is open for passenger cars only.

Trucks with trailers and trailer trucks are not allowed on the road Podgorica-Bijelo Polje, Niksic-Pluzine, and Pljevlja-Rance and, Rozaje-Kula, Vilusi- Lipci, Pljevlja-Djurdjevica Tara.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro