Scekic candidate for SNP president

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Mayor of Berane and official of the socialist People’s Party Dragoslav Scekic will be a candidate for president of the party at the Congress which should soon be scheduled, Pobjeda learned. The former leader Srdjan Milic, who yesterday resigned from that position, said that his MP mandate will remain in the SNP.

“As for the parliamentary mandate, it does not belong to me, but to the SNP. It was the same in 2003 when I first became a deputy and in 2011, when as a president of the party, I voluntarily got out of the Parliament. It will be like that now. It means that my mandate belongs to the SNP and it it available to the party,” said Milic to ‘’Dan’’.

Regarding further management of the SNP and the election of the new leader of the party, he said he expected that the session of the Central Committee in connection with the statement of resignation and making decisions that will define the inner-procedures concerning the organization of the eighth congress will be scheduled in the near future.

“Only Congress elects president of the party. The SNP will continue to make decisions within the SNP,” said Milic.

The path to the nomination of Scekic was opened after the statement of its ally Aleksandar Damjanovic that he did not want to run for president of the SNP and that this ‘’function needs to be taken by someone younger”.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro