Šćepanović: Sadness, we must remain a team even in defeat

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Montenegrin national water polo team lost to Italy and failed to win the bronze medal at this year’s Olympic Games.

After losing to Italy (10:12), Šćepanović spoke to Montenegrin journalist in Rio and said that failing o win bronze for the third time is a great disappointment.

-We must be a team even in defeat. We had will, desire. We didn’t make it and why – we cannot know in this condition. The sadness is great. But what to do, we worked hard, did what we could, we came in fourth and that is that – Miloš said.

Darko Brguljan also commented on the defeat.

-We gave our best but it was not enough, I don’t know what to say.

Vjekoslav Pasković believes tiredness had a role to play.

-We are so sorry. It seems we got too tired in the recent games. We failed at offense and defense. We tried, but they were better – Pasković said.

Draško Brguljan is sorry about the defeat, but also about the fact that they will not play in this team anymore.

-We left the last of our strength in the game, and the result is such as it is.

We had no pressure today as we did in semifinals. This generation will be no more in this team. I feel bad about that. I will alway be here for Montenegro, as long as I am needed – Draško Brguljan said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro