Scepanovic the hero: We have the best goalkeepers – it’s time for a medal

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Montenegrin goalkeepers are the best in the Olympic tournament, said our hero Milos Scepanovic.

Famous Scepo saved two penalties in the match against Hungary, ending the brilliant game in the quarterfinals of the Olympic Games. Scepanovic believes the fact that there is another great goalkeeper in the team is very important.

“Inspiration is very important for a goalkeeper. Zdravko is also here. He is a top goalkeeper and is something goes wrong, he will certainly save the day”, Scepanovic told Montenegrin journalists in Rio and added that no one should bother who will be goalkeeper in Croatian team tomorrow.

“We have the best goalkeepers in this tournament. It does not matter who will be on their goal Pavic or Bijac. We should not think about that.”

Scepanovic said that the match against Croatia was crucial for winning a medal. He believes Montenegrin national team will win one!

“I deeply believe that the time has come. We see the match against Croatia as if it were the last chance. We will play as if it’s the quarter-finals, as if there is no other game. We went through a difficult time, stressful situations, and they had easier rivals in the quarterfinals. They also had a chance to choose and they have chosen the opponent in the first elimination stage. I think we are a little more tired. This game requires the very last atom of strength from us and we will give it.”

He also believes that little things will be crucial and that our team is ready for everything.

“Individual inspiration of players will be decisive, as well as calmness of teams and fulfilling arrangements made”, Scepanovic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro