Schultz is leaving Telekom, Zekovic to be new CEO

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Ruediger Schulz, the CEO of Crnogorski Telekom since 2011, is leaving the company and Deutsche Telekom group after nearly five year managerial term. He will be replaced by Misko Zekovic, former assistant executive director for commercial affairs.

As the company stated, in his long career, Schultz has shown great commitment and enthusiasm, achieving significant results, which were certainly the main features of his five-year term in Crnogorski Telekom.

Faced with numerous challenges that marked the operations of Telekom in the past five years, Schultz has maintained a high-quality business and, together with his team, has offered a number of innovative technology solutions all these years, which contributed to positioning Telekom as a leader in Montenegrin market.

This trend has been continued to the present day, and five successful years in Montenegro, Rudiger Schultz describes as very important.

“He is particularly pleased with the fact that he managed to greatly increase Crnogorski Telekom’s visibility within the Deutsche Telekom Group and that a number of colleagues from Montenegro continued their professional careers at the company headquarters in Bonn, as well as in other countries in the group”, the company stated.

Rudiger Schulz will be succeeded by Misko Zekovic, former assistant executive director for commercial affairs. His rich professional biography and extraordinary knowledge of the telecommunications market, both in Montenegro and globally, recommended him for the CEO of Crnogorski Telekom.

Milija Misko Zekovic graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica. He became his career in Telekom, then Monet, in 2000 as a sales manager. In 2006, he became sales director for residential users and small and medium-sized enterprises. Already in 2008 he was appointed assistant executive director for sales. He has also been a member of the Executive Management Committee of Crnogorski Telekom since then.

Since 2013 was assistant executive director for commercial affairs for the business segment. Since 2015 until today he has been at the position of assistant executive director for commercial affairs.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro