SD independently in Gusinje and Andrijevica, Radončić and Vulević leading the lists

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Municipal boards of Social-democrats of Gusinje and Andrijevica made a decision yesterday to participate independently during the upcoming local elections in these two municipalities. It was decided that Gusinje list should be lead by Dženadin Džeko Radončić, and Andrijevica list by Radisav Vulević.

Radončić thanked for the trust given to him and said that the campaign will be modern and positive, with focus on economy and matters directly pertaining to citizens’ lives.

“Citizens of Gusinje are reacting positively to SD and I am certain this will contribute to a good election result. We want Gusinje to finally start functioning as a municipality. I am certain we will have a good result at the elections and become an important part of the leadership in Gusinje, which will enable us to offer concrete solutions for citizens’ issues. Large number of young people are trusting us to focus on matters of improving their stature in our local community, opening new job spots and providing wider possibilities for work and development in the city, so that the young people would not leave Gusinje”, he said.

Gusinje village Kruševo was host to a discussion between president of SD Montenegro Ivan Brajović, vice president Damir Šehović and secretary general Danilo Mirotić, with many members of the party in the attendance.

SD will lead a positive campaign in Andrijevica, that they will use to offer concrete support for key issues Andrijevica faces.

Vulević said that new job opportunities will be of priority in Andrijevica as well.

“We will try to utilize potentials of economic development of our city to create conditions for better life standard, where young people can fully develop. We expect a good result in the elections, that will serve as an encouragement for further investment in Andrijevica’s development. We will confirm the fact that we are a party of actions, not empty promises”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro