SD independently on Kotor elections with Andrija Lompar as the leader

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Local board of Socialdemocrats in Kotor unanimously decided on a meeting last night that they will compete independently on the upcoming elections, and the leader of SD in Kotor will be the president of the board, Andrija Lompar.

As they emphasized, their list is made of the most repsectable citizens of Kotor, with 42 percent of youth and 39 percent of women on the list, and pre-election program for development of Kotor is primarily based on SD’s dedication to better, safer, and more economically developed city with better perspective for youth.

“Socialdemocrats in Kotor will, on basis of consistent politics, lead a modern campaign with clear and unambiguous messages. Pre-election program will be based on measures and activities which we plan to realize as part of the ruling parties within next four years”, said Lompar, after the decision has been made.

He added that their program will answer to development challenges of the city and offer sustainable solutions, while insisting on steady development which, as he explained, especially includes needs of citizens from suburbs, development of infrastructure and solving traffic issues.

The meeting was attended by the president of Socialdemocrats of Montenegro Ivan Brajovic, member of the presidnecy of the party Zarko Radulovic, as well as coordinator for southern region Danilo Orlandic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro