SDP accepted invitation of opposition leaders

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) has accepted the invitation of the opposition leaders to discuss the formation of a government of national unity.

The leaders of the Democratic Front, of the Socialist People’s Party and the Positive Montenegro, Miodrag Lekic, Srdjan Milic and Darko Pajovic, and the coordinator of the Civic Movement Zarko Rakcevic invited representatives of the ruling coalition and minority parties to a meeting at which they would, explain the initiative to form a government national unity.

In response to the President of the parliamentary group of the SDP, Borislav Banovic stated that the Social Democrats agree with the proposal to hold a meeting at which Lekic, Milic, Pajović and Rakčević would explaine the initiative.

“As a constituent of the legitimate Government, we have different views on some issues that you intend to open, but we believe in dialogue and the aspiration to achieve consensus among political actors on the most important social and political issues,” it is said in the SDP response.

They suggested to explain at the meeting the views of the Social Democratic Party in connection with the priorities of the state policy in 2015.

“First of all in achieving the goals and commitments in joining NATO and the EU, and to hear your position regarding the issue. We suggest to precise the date of talks in further communication’’, it was concluded in the SDP response.

Opposition leaders invitation is addressed to caucuses of Democratic Socialist Party, SDP, Bosniak Party and Club of theAlbanian parties, Croatian citizens’ initiative and the Liberal Party.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro