SDP: Agreement on Kotor’s positions as well


The session of the Municipal Assembly of Kotor, which was scheduled for today, was not held due to lack of quorum. The councilors of the opposition and Kotor’s SDP did not come to the session.

SDP says they do not want to discuss the Report of the President of the Municipality of Kotor until the initiative of the government of electoral trust is seriously considered.

Before the session was interrupted the president SO Kotor Nikola Bukilica noted the resignation of councilors of DPS Slaven Manojlovic. On his position, after the report of the Municipal Election Commission, it was validated the mandate of Boris Kustudic also from DPS, radio Skala broadcasted.

Asked whether today’s meeting is seen as a formal termination of the coalition in Kotor, president of OO DPS Aprcovic Zeljko says there is no official position of the SDP on this issue .

Source: Radio Television Montenegro