SDP: Djukanovic almost pathologically obsessed with Krivokapic

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Milo Djukanovic’s almost pathological obsession with SDP and Ranko Krivokapic really contrasts the estimates of our political importance he gives on a daily basis, says the Social Democratic Party stated.

The party responded to the prime minister’s statement that Krivokapic is tragicomically defending his post of the parliament speaker.

“In addition to his obsession with his own ‘business’ and accumulating transitional wealth, we understand his obsession with the party he has failed to destroy despite all the dirty attempts, as he used to destroy many entities before us. It is the same way in which he participated in the shameful policy of ethnic cleansing and loading Karadzic and Mladic’s tanks in order to be ‘satisfied with the territories that we kept there’. It is the same way he has devastated the Montenegrin economy and filled the pockets of ‘privatisers’ from his closest environment”, SDP stated.

The SDP believes that Djukanovic should resign, instead of denouncing.

“As we learned yesterday in Kolasin, he gave his tycoons €400m of taxpayers’ money from the state budget – ie through tax debt. With those assets, about ten clinical centres and dozens of hospitals could have been built. However, that is the reason why the health of the nation is brought to the bottom of the list of European countries. Is there a greater tragedy than the one when a country cannot provide appropriate health care to its people – when a doctor’s hourly wage is lower than the hourly wage of his tycoons’ housekeepers? A man who stole MPs to defend his shaky position is speaking about defending one’s post. Defending a post is commented on by the man who captured the state according to the opinion of the domestic and international public. Defending a post is commented on by the man who has become a hostage of being in power and who cannot imagine a day of his life without being in power”, SDP stated.

As the party added, the man who has changed four states and several masters, who has changed his nation and ideology, remaining in power at the same time is the last person along with Mugabe who can talk about it, not only in Montenegro and Europe, but also beyond, globally.

“It is tragicomic how eagerly Djukanovic defends his soldiers from the public broadcaster, to whom he even writes press releases that are read during the famous news programme of the ‘Bastille TV’. All this is tragicomic, but above all, it is deeply disparaging to the common sense of his own people. The people which represented and still represent just a number for Djukanovic. The number he used to send to war and death and today a number with which he currently provides so-called election victories. The good thing is that the autocracy is closer to its end, because there is no room for an autocracy in the EU and NATO. With his autocracy, Djukanovic can go only to the aforementioned Mugabe or to Panama offshore destinations from which he and his ‘privatisers’ robbed the Montenegrin economy”, SDP concluded in the response.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro