SDP does not belong to individuals

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) has only one program, the program declaration and the Statute that received almost unanimous support in the recently held Congress, and intention to adopt similar document, less than a month from the Congress, is an attempt to disavow the highest organ of the party, the SDP announced.

This party reacted to media reports that the party vice president, Ivan Brajovic, would propose to the General Board the Platform for preserving the unity of the party, which requires future structure of party organs, including vice-presidents and the Presidency, to be established according to the ratio in the Congress – 55 to 45 percent.

“Everyone with good intentions must be aware that the Congress is ended, congress decision reached and that any further counting and bidding the position can not be in the interest of the party, but only in self-interest.”,it is said in the SDP statement.

Unity of party, they adds, is kept by the implementation of programs and policies of the SDP.

The obligation to respect the basic democratic principle, the will of the majority, as it is stated, can not be revoked by anyone’s desire for re-grouping function.

“We are convinced that, after the success of the Congress, where the Social Democratic Party has reaffirmed the political significance and international reputation, it would continue to confirms the confidence of people in the elections ,” it is concluded in the statement.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro