SDP independently in the elections

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) will certainly enter the next parliamentary elections independently, it was stated from the Party.

A spokesman for the SDP Mirko Stanic told ‘’Dan’’ that a key task for Montenegro this year is restoring confidence in the electoral process.

“The SDP will certainly enter the elections independently, and as before give a key contribution so that Montenegro through the elections could restore confidence in the electoral system, through dialogue and as a NATO member. The Social Democratic Party with its authority enabled the easing of tensions occurred after the presidential elections, which, together with the local elections and the affair “Recording”, have questioned the fundamental constitutional principle of electoral democracy in Montenegro. Political corruption is the most visible signal that corruption has become a systemic problem in any community. Budva is an obvious example of this”, said Stanic.

According to him, the Government and Parliament should do all in their power to use this year to create the conditions for fair and free elections.Montenegrin Prime Minister and President of DPS Milo Djukanovic on Tuesday hinted that parliamentary elections would be held in the spring of next year and that DPS will likely go independently.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro