SDP made mistakes on three levels

The head of the SDP parliamentary group, Borislav Banovic said that the party made mistakes on three levels regarding voting for Miomir Mugosa and his nomination as ambassador to Slovenia,.

After the SDP leader Ranko Krivokapic yesterday said that the party had made a mistake when it supported Mugosa, Banovic said he considered that the error had been made on three levels.

“SDP had the opportunity declare on it at three levels. The first was at the the state leadership consultation session when candidacies and initiatives for the ambassadors are submitted. The other was at the Government level and the third was in the Parliament. On all these three levels we made a mistake and Mr. Krivokapic said exactly that, “he explains.

Banovic says that several positions for which Mugosa was proposed SDP had refused and it did not want it to seem like they had a personal dispute with him, but political.

“We are of the opinion we came out of this dispute as winners having in mind the fact that he is no longer in that position, to lead the Capital, for which we had objections. And at the same time we obviously ignored this second situation, guided by this argument not to appear personal and hostile, “said Banovic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro