SDP: Take a safe step down Marović’s path

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After president of DPS Milo Đukanović said that they finally freed themselves of political parasites SDP, Ranko Krivokapić’s party reacted.

The statement of SDP’s Bojan Zeković claims that Đukanović was forced to slander other because he had nothing good to say about his own work.

“Avoiding responsibilities for fraud, he is trying to make political differences offensive. Citizens do not benefit from this”, Zeković said.

He added that on the day his right hand Svetozar Marović admitted that he stole new KBC building from people during just one of his frauds, Đukanović took offense instead of being embarrassed.

“It is only one of the known frauds. Some of them were on the stage in Cetinje, but they will all take a “safe step” down Marović’s path. He was always one step ahead of DPS, and they always followed. We understand that they feel abandoned, but that is not SDP’s problem”, the statement reads.

“No one wants to go into coalition with them, they are doomed to buy their allies. DPS is in Montenegro’s past. Montenegro needs to have all its honest and capable citizens united so we can give the state back to everyone – a state of justice and developed economy”, the statement concludes.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro