SDP will remain in the government, URA irresponsible

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Deputy Prime Minister and Vice President of Positive Montenegro Party Azra Jasavic believes that the Social Democratic Party will remain in the government of electoral trust, and accuses Civic Movement URA for irresponsibility due to their decision to leave the Government.

‘’Their task is to attempt to fit so that they would manage the budget and finances in order to continue to chase away investors as they do for years. As far as the technical capacity and knowledge is concerned that is not their forte, and that is what they are showing,” Jasavic said for daily Pobjeda, claiming that Civic Movement URA did not entered the government to work and show what they can but to protect the capital of their mentors.

According to her, Civic Movement URA is an informal group in an attempt to be political party.

She says that leaving the Government is URA’s political decisions, and they will bear the good or the bad side of this decision.

“Still, allow me to observe several things. First, the URA has entered the government as an opposition structure and are not even formed as a party yet, nor have they ever checked their legitimacy in the elections. URA’s entry into the Government is irrational. Namely, there is simply no excuse for a party/structure that did not participate in the elections to enter the Government. Secondly, they actually did not enter the Government in their full capacity given that none of the group’s representative has entered the government. Instead, they have formally entered the Government in the framework of the so-called troika and they have delegated non-partisan personalities to represent URA in the Government. Third, the URA has officially left the Government and the ministers that they have delegated remained in the Government. That fact is raising questions about whether they did in fact left the government if those they have delegated to the Government remained. So, this is one, I must say, crazy situation which is difficult to explain with reasonable political language,” she said.

When asked what position she expects form SDP Jasavic said that it is clear that they would remain in the Government and that this rises additional question and dilemma.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro