SEC confirmed: Misdemeanour charges against 3,570 voters

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The State Election Commission (SEC) confirmed for CDM that it will file misdemeanour charges against the 3,570 voters who supported more than one candidates list with their signatures. As the SEC stated, the fines for this offense ranges from €500 to €2,000.

“After the conducted control of all the candidates lists, there are 56,977 valid signatures of voters’ support in the database, whereas 3,570 voters supported more than one list with their signatures. At its 56th session held on 24 September, the SEC decided to initiate misdemeanour proceedings against them within the legally defined period”, the SEC responded to CDM’s question “whether media reports are true that the commission would file misdemeanour charges against more than 3,000 people who are suspected of supporting more than one list with their signatures. ”

The SEC also noted that article 116, paragraph 1, item 2 of the Law on Election of Councillors and Members of Parliament, stipulates that anyone who support more than one candidates list with their signature shall be fined €500–€2,000.

The SEC was submitted a total of 17 candidate lists for the general elections scheduled for 16 October.

The submitted lists were checked in terms of fulfilling the condition of the statutory required number of voters’ signatures in the following manner:

“The commission checked whether a voter who supported a candidates list with his/her signature has been registered in the electoral roll and whether he/she supported only one candidates list. Verification of voters’ support to a particular list was carried out until it was determined that a candidates list meets the legal minimum to be approved. The lists were as they were submitted, which means that in the case of voters who supported more than one list, the commission considered the signature on the list which was submitted earlier as valid. The data from candidate lists which were submitted later were compared only with the processed data from the previous list”, the SEC stated.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro