SEC not to declare results

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Representatives of the Democratic Front (DF), the Great Coalition Kljuc, Democrats and the SDP have asked the State Election Commission (SEC) not to declare the final results of the parliamentary elections in Montenegro, held on 16 October.

In fact, at today’s meeting of the DF, Kljuc, Democrats and the SDP, it was decided that the opposition, in an open letter, addresses to the State Election Commission of Montenegro.

“At the first meeting of the parliamentary opposition political subjects, we unanimously decided not to accept the results of the elections held on 16 October 2016, until the case of ‘criminal and terrorist attack on the institutions of the system’, called ‘coup ‘ on the day of parliamentary and local elections, was clarified and completely legally processed. In this respect, in this open letter we ask you not to declare the final results of the elections, considering that until this moment none state authority has been able to prove any fact in connection with this serious offense of criminal association with attempted terrorism, ” four opposition entities say in the open letter addressed to the SEC.

To declare results in the light of these allegations, as is stated out in the letter, would “deepen already difficult political crisis in Montenegro”.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro