Security major benefit

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Cooperation with 28 Alliance member states, “voice” among democratic countries, security and a step towards stabilization of Balkans are some of the benefits that Montenegro would get by joining NATO, says the US ambassador in the Alliance, Douglas Lute.

In the interview for TV of Montenegro, he said that next Thursday is a historic day for Montenegro, but also for the Alliance. .

Lets remind, that the protocol on the accession of Montenegro will be signed on May 19th.

“Just seven times in 67 years of history of NATO we did what we will do next Thursday- and that is to sign accession protocol.” said Lute.

After that, he explained, the protocol will be sent to member states, and all 28 are expected to ratify it.

“In the last six cases ratification lasted several months.”, said Lute, adding that there is not deadline for it.

NATO member states have different processes of ratification, but it is expected that,in case of Montenegro, the process would last several months.

Asked when would USA ratify the protocol, Lute said it depends on two factors- speed of administration of American president Barack Obama and the Senate.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro