Security Service estimated Markovic was threatened

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Comments published from the e-mail of the accused Predrag Šuković on ‘Vijesti’ news portal, in the opinion of the security services, could have affected my safety and the safety of my family, Deputy Prime Minister and member of the Council for National Security, Dusko Markovic, said yesterday during trial to the former police inspector for endangering security.

Šuković said it was his intention to threaten anyone in the comments, explaining that he has been having disagreements with Markovic and his godfather, Veselin Veljovic, for over a decade now, and that he feels animosity toward them, after he got fired.

Marković filed a private lawsuit against Šuković on November 27 last year, for endangering his safety, after the prosecution dropped all charges against the accused. The lawsuit claims Sukovic knowingly compromised the security of the Deputy Prime Minister by threatening to attack him. The offense was executed by posting threatening comments on Vijesti’s news portal, from the user account named Boss, which he opened through his private email address.

Deputy Prime Minister is a personality protected by the secret services, and they assessed that threats posted on the portal indicate that Sukovic knew and was monitoring the whereabouts and movements of Markovic and his family.

Mr. Markovic explained secret service alerted him that this is a serious threat, which is why he took legal action. He adds he has never been mentioned in any cigarette-smuggling affair, except by Sukovic, who never produced any evidence.

“He just intended to cause fear, to trouble my family, and try to cause other consequences. This is clearly a criminal offense and I ask that the defendant be punished”, concluded Markovic.

Noting that he committed no offense, Šuković said the police would never have discovered that it was him who posted those threatening comments, hadn’t he admitted.

He blames Markovic and Veljovic for prosecuting him on a personal level, for firing him and leading what he calls illegal disciplinary procedures against him.

He says the moment Veljovic became his boss, he was delivered a decision on termination of his employment. However, this decision was later overturned, which Sukovic interpreted as an attempt to bring him down and threaten all police personnel.

Markovic said in front of the court that this is solely a subjective opinion of the accused, noting that he is not someone who persecutes and oppresses people.

“I am not in the police, nor have I ever made or signed a decision to hire or let go any police officer. How can you prosecute a man you don’t know and have never seen until the day of the trial? …If everything he said is true, why didn’t he inform his superiors? I am not someone who persecutes and oppresses people”, said Markovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro