Security situation is satisfactory

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On the occasion of the Internal Affairs Day, Prime Minister Duško Marković met earlier today with Minister of the Interior Mevludin Nuhodžić and Director of the Police Directorate Slavko Stojanović. The meeting assessed that the overall security situation in Montenegro is satisfactory and in line with national interest, despite occasional threats due to the clearing of organised criminal groups.

According to the Prime Minister, results achieved and high quality work of the police and relevant authorities contributed to raising the level of security that the citizens recognise, showing increasing confidence in the police in public opinion polls and continuously citing the Police Directorate as one of the most trusted institutions.

The meeting pointed to the need to further strengthen human resources and to improve the technical and technological equipment of the Police Directorate in order to successfully deal with the ever more complicated challenges faced by the whole world. In this regard, it was concluded that the Budget for 2018 should provide for the creation of conditions for quality equipping of services in charge of the safety of citizens and their property. “The police must be equipped to be efficient and to represent authority,” Prime Minister Duško Marković said, stressing that he would personally pledge for the realisation of such a vision.

Traffic safety situation is recognised as one of the challenges. The officials concluded that a general increase in the level of traffic safety can not be achieved only by repressive measures, but it is necessary to launch a wider social action with the aim of education and change of consciousness.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro