Segrt: There won’t be shortage of drugs

Health Minister Budimir Segrt said that Montenegro does not face any shortage of drugs after the termination of contract with private pharmacies, where citizens were able to take a prescripted drugs.

Responding to a question of DPS MP Dukovic Halil in Parliament, he explained that the contract concluded with the private pharmacies was a pilot project and that it had two limits.

“The first was a time limit, with the intention of lasting until December 31 this year, and the second was financial, limiting the traffic to the amount of 3.6 million euros. The contract was concieved in a way that it closes automatically when one of the above limits was met, in this case financial limit”, Segrt explained in the Parliament.

He reminded that there was a severe shortage of medicines on the market at the beginning of this year in Montenegro because the tender that was supposed to provide sufficient quantities for Montefarm pharmacy was late.

“That was the reason why a contract with the private pharmacies was signed”, said Segrt.

The minister said that Montefarm largely settled debts to drugs suppliers in the last six months and provided sufficient quantities of drugs for this year.

He argues that spending balance showed that the consumption of drugs in private pharmacies amounted to 20 to 25 percent of the total market. The minister said that citizens should not worry because Montefarm will provide sufficient quantities of drugs by the end of this year.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro