Šehović: I expect obstruction but the second TPP block will happen

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Failing to build the second block of the Thermal Power Plant in Pljevlja would be gambling with the vital national and state interests, and not the other way around. I expect a continuation of obstructions, but I am convinced that the import lobby can no longer stop the construction of this project, said Damir Šehović, vice president and MP of the Social Democrats.

“The public will easily recognize who is obstructing the energy and overall economic development of Montenegro, and who is, for their own or the interests of the import lobby which hired them, working against the interests of this country. We in SD really do not know how else to call the obstruction of a project which saves 1.200 existing jobs in the coal mine and the thermal power plant, opens hundreds of new jobs, provides energy independence and guarantees security of supply of electricity to our citizens, creates preconditions for finally installing the heating system in Pljevlja and addressing the decades-long environmental problems in Pljevlja”, Mr. Sehovic said in an interview with Pobjeda daily.

According to him, those who are against this project are actually aiming to undermine the economic and political independence of Montenegro, and in the process, make personal gains.

Mr. Šehović pointed out that it is no secret that Montenegro harbors a well-organized, quite noisy and well-paid import lobby, working to obstruct any indication about the possible construction of any energy producing facility that would reduce the need for Montenegro to import electricity.

He said the obstruction was expected because this lobby knows that once this project is completed, Montenegro will no longer be an importer of electricity, but an exporter.

Asked whether Montenegro will be able to carry out two major projects at the same time – construction of the highway and the second block of TPP Pljevlja – Šehović said that after their completion, Montenegro will no longer be the same country.

“The economic consequences will be really huge, but not in a negative sense, as both projects are necessary pre-conditions for the development of our country. You cannot have a strong economy in an energy-dependent country, much less in a country with problematic traffic… The thesis of the allegedly most expensive highway in Europe is completely untrue, but in the absence of actual, serious arguments, some don’t mind using misinformation for daily political purposes”, he said, inter alia.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro