Sekulic: DF let proven liar Medojevic to tell falsehoods

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The fact that a proven liar Nebojsa Medojevic was allowed to tell one of series of his falsehoods is a sign that the Democratic Front (DF) is in trouble, DPS MP Predrag Sekulic said.

“We have no dilemma that the story about the Bulgarians who forge ID cards in Montenegro for someone who will come from Sandzak to vote in the upcoming elections really sounds more than fantastic and unbelievable. But I say once again, the fact that they let Nebojsa Medojevic to announce such things says more about the Democratic Front”, Sekulic said.

According to him, at this moment, DF has two big problems.

“The first problem is the undisputed election defeat. But it is something that both we and they knew. Another problem is how to justify the money they took from their political sponsors and how to justify yet another election loss. It seems to me that the latter problem is the reason why DF is increasingly nervous in its public appearance”, Sekulic said.

As he pointed out, Medojevic is obliged to explain “lies that he has told so far (and there are a lot of them)” to Montenegrin public.

“We should not forget the fact that Nebojsa Medojevic is a person who allegedly received the award for the fight against corruption in Montenegro, and that in the end it turned out that the award was given for completely different thing. Not only that he has failed to explain that to the Montenegrin public, but he also failed to explain that to his colleagues from DF. I believe that his DF colleagues will reconsider who they are cooperating with when they hear his explanation”, Sekulic said.

He worries because DF uses the word “riots” more often.

“We can tell them that Montenegrin state authorities will sanction all those who riot or try to organise riots. They will be arrested and then we will easily find out who they belong to – whether Democratic Front or the Democratic Party of Socialists”, Sekulic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro