Sekulic: Stories of phantom voters launched to save party seats

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It showed once again that all the accusations that we could hear from our colleagues from the opposition in previous years have no ground at all. AFIS system showed that there are no irregularities in the voter list, because wrongly enlisted voters cannot be anything but a bureaucracy mistakes, said in an interview to Pobjeda Predrag Sekulic, parliament member from DPS, commenting the application of AFIS system.

We would like to remind you that MUP announced on Tuesday that comparison of data from voter’s database with data in AFIS system showed only one double voter in the system.

Sekulic thinks that this voter couldn’t vote twice either, since spray and optical readers were in use.

“This is the best indicator that Democratic party of socialists is right to claim that there was never any election fraud and that DPS is in power because it has good political program and citizens’ support, and not because of abuse of public resources or abuse of the right to vote”, said Sekulic.

While commenting claims by Democratic front that there are 80.000 phantom voters, Sekulic said that DF needed these stories, but so did other political parties in order to save their party seats.

“Time will show that DPS really does have majority support of Montenegrin citizens. I believe that what’s happening in DF and other opposition parties these days clearly shows that DPS has the trust of citizens and that this trust will be even bigger on next elections precisely because of the behavior of the opposition”, said Sekulic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro